Blog 1 Broken (The Breach Chronicles -Book 1) by Ivy Logan is an epic, YA fantasy with a female POV. As in the struggle between family legacy, finding the strength to forge your own path and the ability to manage and decipher what must be accomplished… and when. The world the author created is mysterious and feels mystical and otherworldly from the beginning. The vivid scene of a new sorceress being born and the ancient wraiths speaking in cryptic messages was mesmerizing. Loved it! The relatable themes of love, betrayal, power vs. control and choice all come together across time with a young Caitlin making choices that could destroy everything her mother worked for. A battle with a dragon and a fiercely independent sorceress. Yes, please! Although the plot felt slightly overwritten in the last few chapters, I was thrilled to read a YA book that I can wholeheartedly recommend to young people that keeps in tune with a more reader-friendly style of writing. Rather than capitalizing on extreme violence or the sexualization of teenagers found in some YA, this tale takes the high road and focuses its light on the heroines journey, sacrifice for future generations, family and what love looks like when its given away and what true love is when it returns home again.