Blog 1 A prince, a dragon, a fearless warrior named Talia- what more could you want from a book? Broken by Ivy Logan is one of those books you can’t put down. An exceptional story with exceptional characters that, you grow to love and root for. I also love happy endings, thank you, Ivy Logan. At first, I found it hard to connect with the story but after reading through a few pages, I was hooked. The main character, Talia is a fierce warrior who puts family above all else. “Talia has always put her family before herself, no sacrifice too great.” This line in the book describes Talia perfectly. She is loyal, selfless, and determined. A true heroine. I highly recommend this love story for any age. It will inspire all generations, from young to old, to believe they can overcome great obstacles in life if they stand strong and firm in their convictions. Talia is a wonderful example of what happens when perseverance and love rise to the challenge of any situation. Love conquers all. 5 heartwarming stars for Broken. Good job, Ivy Logan.