Blog 1 This wonderfully written tale of love, betrayal, magic, fate, revenge, and acceptance caught me from the very first page and NEVER let go! In part, it reminded me of a few Shakespearean plays (Henry V, Richard the. III, Hamlet, Macbeth, -some evil is definitely afoot-no spoilers here-A Midsummer’s Night Dream-and a hint of Romeo and Juliet ). Amelia, our protagonist has a great deal to handle. From freeing Peradora from her own uncle’s grips, to accepting her fated bloodline, and deciding who her true love might be- There is so much action, fantasy, twists and turns that I was absolutely vested in each word. The characters are beautifully written. The dialogue superb. Most highly recommended! (I anticipated Metamorphosis in paperback before the holidays to gift to three of my grandchildren!)