Blog 1 This third book in The Breach Chronicles by Fantasy Author Ivy Logan, is the best so far. The author has excelled herself with this new book. It is a book of extremes, in that what we thought happened, is turned on its head, as though it was a mere figment of our imagination. Taking up where Metamorphosis ended, we see Amelia come to terms with many things, not least her new-found power. As the story progresses people from the past re-appear, but not as we knew them, we see the two worlds of humans and super naturals collide leading to disastrous consequences for some. Amelia is left with having to make some heart rendering and life-threatening decisions, ones that will test her resolve to its limits, including the realisation that those who were once friends, had now become adversaries. Ivy Logan is a master story teller, her narrative is exceptional, as well as her imagery, in that each character is so vividly described, it is as though you have them in front of you. As with the previous books, she continues to weave the underlining themes of Love, Hate, Family and courage, which endure till the end.