How To Read The Series

(Note from the author)

Books I and II of the series are standalone. So, if you prefer contemporary fantasy, Metamorphosis (The Girl With No Face,) is a good place to start. You can dive into a world of secrets, rebellion and blood diamonds in Metamorphosis. And if after reading Metamorphosis you feel the need to know more about Noah, read Origins, a short story.

Broken is an epic fantasy saga with dragons and sorceresses but completely unique in its own way and also standalone. So, if that is your jam, start with Broken.

But before you read the epic adventure—Redemption it would be wonderful if you could read Broken and Metamorphosis.


That’s all from me. And if it suits you to write a review I will be dancing in sunshine, no matter if the weather is gloomy outside. Through my books I’m sharing a piece of my heart. A review is your way of sharing yours.


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