The Girl With No Face

Metamorphosis (The Girl With No Face)

(A contemporary fantasy romance and adventure)

Centuries have passed since Talia faced her nemesis. It’s been a lifetime since the conflict between Siobhan and Selena, but often the past haunts those who believe they have left it behind.

By ending Selena’s life, Siobhan made a powerful enemyTagasaya. Metamorphosis is his story of vengeance and love, set against the background of blood diamonds and rebellion.

Metamorphosis is also the coming-of-age story of Ameliathe descendant of the Heichi queen, Siobhan. It is a dark, contemporary fantasy and fractured fairy tale with inspiration from The Beauty and The Beast, Snow White and Rapunzel.

How will their lives intertwine? Will this be a deathly tale of revenge or will love alter the predetermined paths of hate?

Metamorphosis can be read as a standalone as it weaves a gritty, believable and unfamiliar world of blood diamonds, rebellion and unrequited love with rich fantasy.

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