A Quest: From Vengeance to Redemption

(A Quest: From Vengeance to Redemption)

(A contemporary young adult adventure)

Amelia took on the mighty Peradorian dictator and lost. She loved Noah, but she might never see him again. Now she and Adrian are on the run. To make things worse, her shapeshifting ability has deserted her. What lies ahead for her?

Noah accepted that he was a monster to save the girl he loved, even if it meant losing her. But now his life is in danger with the Heichi queen determined to kill him and protect her throne at all costs. To make things worse, a sorceress has predicted great darkness in Amelia’s future. Will Noah be able to save her?

Adrian chose Amelia over his freedom and family. He protected her at all costs. But does her heart still belong to Noah despite everything that has happened?

The road from revenge to redemption is never easy. Find out why. Read the finale of Amelia, Adrian and Noah’s story. Readers ask if Talia, the beloved heroine from Book I Broken will make an appearance in Book III? Who is the unknown nemesis targeting Amelia and her friends?

New enemies will rise, and old friends will rush to the rescue. Secrets will be revealed. Promises will be made. Promises will be broken. The lines will blur between friend and foe. Everyone is in a race against time, fighting for their life.

But will they find Redemption?

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