Blog 1 ‘Metamorphosis’ is the second narrative in The Breach Chronicles, but can be read as a standalone. I loved ‘Broken’, but I love Metamorphosis more! Amelia is a fragile, heartbroken young girl, who goes through so much horror at the hand of her uncle, a vicious, lying, scheming dictator, whose lust for wealth dominates everything. I love Amelia’s growth throughout the book. She’s flawed and sincere, continually challenging herself and believing she is a coward; not deserving of respect or love. The love interests—oh, my heart—are splendidly done. First Adrian, later Noah. I think I fell in love a little with Noah. Both Amelia and Noah have secrets—big secrets—which are revealed as the book goes on. The world-building is nicely done, and the twists and turns ensure the story cracks along at a good pace. The fantasy element weaves delightfully with this sweet coming of age tale. I read Metamorphosis in two sittings, wishing to know how the story would play out. And the ending?… Left me craving more. I’m desperate to see where this story goes. I very much recommend this well written, YA Fantasy, coming of age novel. Well done Ms Logan.