Blog 1 Redemption is a young adult fantasy adventure full of twists and turns as we follow Amelia, Katie and Noah, as they face many challenges and old enemies discovering secrets that have been buried for centuries. It brings together the three story arcs of the previous trilogy, in an epic interwoven tale, where we see the characters, that we have journeyed with previously, collide in a place governed by violence and power. A place where dictators, rebels and even the Queen sorceress seek to dominate and control everything and everyone. We watch as the relationships both old and new forge the twines of their paths, bringing them together and sometimes tearing them apart, as they fight and flee from their enemies and even themselves. This is the moment, the time, that will determine the future of Peradora and its people, the freedom, safety and hearts of our characters, and even the delicate relationship and peace between the fantasy and human world. Will the existence of everything be defined by the mere strength of violent actions, or by the resilience of the entwined threads of relationships sewn through time, and the strength of the love in their hearts?